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Sunbeams in the Dark

A journey to happiness, even in the most unlikely of places.

Latest from the Blog

The reality of Home Learning.

A lot of families are teaching their children at home right now, but the reality is not everyone has the time. In families where both parents work either from home or outside the home, finding the time to do a day’s work with their children may be impossible, or it will come at the cost…

Creating a Lockdown Routine

One big thing a lot of people are missing right now is structure, most of us live highly structured lives. This lockdown can give you an amazing prospective on how important down-time is. If you are able to I really recommend taking more time for yourself right now, do more of the things you enjoy…

Are we there yet? Appreciating the journey.

“Are we there yet” is something we have all either asked or heard at one point in our life. As a child, like many children, I would ask for an update every few minutes on just how long we had until we get to our destination. This is different now we have Sat Nav’s and…

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